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Transmission BitTorrent – Export – Import downloaded torrents

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This article explains how to backup, export and then restore, import your downloaded torrents file into Transmission on a RaspberryPi

For example if you messed up with your SD and want to run the stable non development SD at night while during the day you have the chance to play around with settings

The first time I set up Raspberry + Samba Share NAS on USB Flash Drive + Transmission downloading to another USB Flash drive…it took me about 10 days

Now I am able to replicate the same configuration in less than half hour.

But one thing was still missing.

Where are all my downloaded torrents, seeding for ages?

So I wanted to be able to retrieve them all with no need to re-download them which would be pretty silly.

So here is what I have done with success.

To access the following folder I needed to enable root
sudo passwd root

Create a folder transmission_export in your home folder
mkdir transmission_export in /home/pi or wherever you want

Copy recursively the content of the following 2 folders
cp -R /var/lib/transmission-daemon/info/resume /home/pi/transmission_export

cp -R /var/lib/transmission-daemon/info/torrents /home/pi/transmission_export

Then when you have your new Transmission set up and working on your new Raspberry SD Card or whatever, you should import the files you’ve just backed up

then sudo service transmission-daemon restart and then reload the web interface.

You should find your downloaded torrents ready now to seed again!

I did not need that but you may also right click on each torrent and choose “Verify local data”, plus you may reset file owners

chown -R debian-transmission:debian-transmission resume/


chown -R debian-transmission:debian-transmission torrents/

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