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Add Virtual Phone Lines to your xDSL/Cable – Linksys PAP2

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I deeply hate Telecoms and their fucking rip off “ADSL requires a Voice Telephone line” which is completely false.

So I just don’t have any Voice Phone Land Line since ages but I have 2 Virtual VoIP Phone Lines where I can receive and place calls. For free (almost).

The scheme is:

Internet —> xDSL Router or Cable Router —> Linksys PAP2 —> Two Cordless Traditional Phones

So…Internet is your ISP account configured on your xDSL or Cable Router.

The Router itself has a built-in Switching HUB or you have an external HUB.

The Linksys PAP2 is a VoIP SATA Adapter which emules 2 phone lines.

The Two Cordless Phones are hooked to the 2 Virtual Phone Lines.

Requirements: Internet Connection, Router, Linksys PAP2, 1 or 2 VoIP accounts, 1 or 2 Wired or Cordless RJ11 Phones

(Betamax VoIP accounts are working for me: VoipStunt, VoipBuster)

– Connect your Linksys PAP2 to your Switching HUB (built-in on your Router for example) and have your DHCP Server assign it a private IP Address. I assume the PAP2’s IP will be

– Enter the PAP2’s Webserver with your browser . It does not require authentication. Click on Line 1 and configure it with one of your Betamax Accounts.

For example for VoipBuster, download the application and install it, then create your account and purchase 12,00 euro credit which gives you 120 days of Free Calls.


– Use a R11 Cable to connect a traditional Wired or Cordless Phone to the LINE1 connector of the PAP2 and pickup the handset. You will hear the dial tone and you will be able to place calls, using always the International format: for exampled +34 91 222 333 444

Refer to VoipBuster‘s site for free destinations. Once 120 days are over, the 12.00 euro credit will be use instead and the fare is about 60 euro cent per hour.

– Connect the other RJ11 phone to LINE2 port and then configure the second line account via PAP2 via web broser. I suggest you to set here you VoIP IN Account so you will be able to receive calls to your LINE2 and place onces from your LINE1

Something similar can be done with the iPhone and Fring, I will explain that at a later time.

Enjoy this new tutorial and please do comment so that i can always improve this site!


PS This can be done with virtually any other VoIP Providers out there, for example it works with VoipStunt, MessageNet etc

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