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Inglourious Basterds – Movie Review 8/10

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inglorious-basterdsI am amazed…Quentin Tarantino has released another masterpiece!

This movie is fantastic and I urge you to watch it, obviously in original languages…

I am using the plural because the movie is in French, English, German and Italian!

Quoting from IMDB: In Nazi occupied France, young Jewish refugee Shosanna Dreyfus witnesses the slaughter of her family by Colonel Hans Landa. Narrowly escaping with her life, she plots her revenge several years later when German war hero Fredrick Zoller takes a rapid interest in her and arranges an illustrious movie premiere at the theater she now runs. With the promise of every major Nazi officer in attendance, the event catches the attention of the “Basterds”, a group of Jewish-American guerilla soldiers led by the ruthless Lt. Aldo Raine. As the relentless executioners advance and the conspiring young girl’s plans are set in motion, their paths will cross for a fateful evening that will shake the very annals of history


Pandorum – Movie Review 6/10

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Last night we’ve watched Pandorum and although it is not a masterpiece, we have really enjoyed it.

2 men (Bower and Payton) wake up abruptly from the “hyper-sleep” in a huge space shift and they have no idea why they’re there nor what was the mission to accomplish.

Bower hangs around the ship and he encounters other humans and fast-moving aggressive creatures.

The ship has been stuffed with 60.000 human beings and launched for a 123 years voyage towars Tanis, an Earth-like planet supposed to be a new human settlement after the Earth’s population reached 24M and consuming all natural resources left.

All the human beings on board have been injected with altered DNA to allow them an easy adaptation to Tanis’ condition, but thousands of them woke up during the voyage, while still on board and they mutate to adapt to the ship’s conditions. Therefore they are eating each other, being so aggressive and acting like hunted animals.

The movie is worth viewing although the topic “in a lost ship, humans wake up and find monsters in outer space” is a bit too flat….but the film adds some interesting aspects.

We liked the idea about our planet is in danger and the human population is too high, so we need to spread and settle down human communities on other planets.

Our mark is 6 out of 10!


The Orphan – Movie Review 7/10

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ZizziBaddi.com The Orphan Movie Review

ZizziBaddi.com The Orphan Movie Review

Wow! What a f*cking movie! I am pretty impressed, yes sir!

So as you prolly guess…I have just seen “The Orphan” (2009).

It goes around a very very odd little girl (9 years old, Esther) who is “different”.

Seems that she is from Russia, since some years somewhere in USA, very smart and extremely fast learner.

She lives in an orphanage where the other children are ignoring and avoiding her, as they are scared and suspicious.

Starring Kate Coleman (Vera Farmiga, the wife) and his husband John Coleman (Peter Sarsgaard) have 2 kids: Max (Aryana Engineer) and Daniel (Jimmy Bennet) but recently lost their 3rd child (Jessica) who was stillborn.

Wrecked by such an event, the parents decided do adopt a child and found this little girl who looks and sounds so innocent, while she is not.

The movie involved me into a spin about who is right or wrong about Esther as she is very much able to manipulate grown adults.

Several weird things start to happen around the family and Kate Coleman begins to realize the girl has something wrong but is unable to prove anything to her husband.

The story speeds up when Esther understands she has been caught and kills the nun who is investigating on her past in Russia, tries to seduce John Coleman, goes nuts and kills him as well.

Kate gets a call from an Estonian Mental Institution where Esther has been hospitalized due to her weird illness: hypopituitarism, a disorder that stunted her physical growth so that spent most of her life pretending to be a 9 years old girl while she is actually 33 years old.

Kate goes home to save her family but finds her husband dead and starts to chase Esther and eventually engages her in a fight at the frozen lake behind the house.

Esther dies and Kate succeeds in saving her 2 children.

I recommend this movie since I liked it and most of the time I was so focused on it and trying to guess what was gonna happen next.

Interested in watching the trailer? Here it is!

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