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Pandorum – Movie Review 6/10

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Last night we’ve watched Pandorum and although it is not a masterpiece, we have really enjoyed it.

2 men (Bower and Payton) wake up abruptly from the “hyper-sleep” in a huge space shift and they have no idea why they’re there nor what was the mission to accomplish.

Bower hangs around the ship and he encounters other humans and fast-moving aggressive creatures.

The ship has been stuffed with 60.000 human beings and launched for a 123 years voyage towars Tanis, an Earth-like planet supposed to be a new human settlement after the Earth’s population reached 24M and consuming all natural resources left.

All the human beings on board have been injected with altered DNA to allow them an easy adaptation to Tanis’ condition, but thousands of them woke up during the voyage, while still on board and they mutate to adapt to the ship’s conditions. Therefore they are eating each other, being so aggressive and acting like hunted animals.

The movie is worth viewing although the topic “in a lost ship, humans wake up and find monsters in outer space” is a bit too flat….but the film adds some interesting aspects.

We liked the idea about our planet is in danger and the human population is too high, so we need to spread and settle down human communities on other planets.

Our mark is 6 out of 10!

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