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Share 3G Internet USB on WinXPP via WiFi to iPhone

Hello people, ZizziBaddi staff is travelling and we have been given some USB 3g Internet Keys for our Asus Eee PC 1000H so since we are always geeking around we challenged ourselves to share our 3G Internet connection via USB Key by Momo Design to our iPhones and here goes the tutorial.


– Computer with Windows XP SP2, we have used the Asus EEE PC 1000H

– USB 3G Internet Key, we have used the 3 Momo Design 7,2Megabit

– 3G Internet Account attached to our SIM Card, much better a flat rate with no limited traffic

Step by Step

1- Connect the USB, get it recognized and install its drivers and application. We won’t cover here how to set it up but do it before following this tutorial

2- Start/Settings/Network Connection. Among the Dial Up connections you will find the profile used by the USB Key, right click on it, choose properties and then the Advanced label:

On Windows Firewall – Click on Setting, then set it OFF to disable it
On Internet Connection Sharing – Enable it by ticking the box
On Home Networking Connection choose the WLAN adapte

3- On the same window, below the Dial Ups you will see LAN or High Speed Internet, locate your WLAN, right click on it, select properties and on “This connection uses the following items” locate the last one “Internet Protocol (TPC/IP), select it and click properties.

4- Click on “Use the following IP Address” and configure it as follows:

IP Address
Subnet Mask
Default Gateway
Use the followding DNS Server
Preferred DNS Server

4- Click now on Wireless Networks and on Preferred Networks click on Add and configure it as follows:

Network Name SSSID zizzibaddi3g
Tick the box to Enable even if this network is not broadcasting
On Wireless Network Key
Network Authentication Open
Data Encryption Disable (You can enable it later)
Tick to enable This is a Computer-to-Computer (Ad Hoc) network. Wireless Access points are not used

5- On iPhone (or any other WiFi device) tap Settings then Wi-Fi and enable it

6- On Computer, right click on WLAN icon on the tray area, next to the clock and click on View Available Wireless Networks. The new zizzibaddi3g will be listed, select it and click Connect.

7- On iPhone the new WLAN will be listed as zizzibaddi3g, tap it to connect to it, then tap the > arrow to configure it as follows:

IP Address Static
IP Address
Subnet Mask 255.255 seroquel pill.255.0

8- The WLAN on computer should say Connected and the iPhone should connect as well.

9- Close “Settings” on iPhone and launch Safari or any other Internet Application and there you go online with your 3g Internet USB Connection!

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iPhone Jailbroken – now what?

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So you have jailbroken your iPhone, now what?

Here is what you should install and the order you should proceed!

After Jailbreak you will have Cydia Icon, then launch it!

Be wirelessy connected to the Internet and let Cydia loads, it might ask for upgrades, let it do them and re-run Cydia until it is ready and no more updates have to be installed.

1 – Search for “sbsettings” and install it. It will add a hidden menu which can be activated by swiping your finger on the upper side of your iPhone. This will show some buttons to easily toggle 3G, WiFi, Brightness, Edge, SSH etc.

2 – Search for “bossprefs” and install it. It will add an icon to hide/show applications, reboot, respring and other things. Use it to Enable Numeric Battery – Disable Apple KillSwitch and respring

3 – Search for “categories” and install it. It will add an icon to allow you create folders on iPhone and put applications on such folders, just like Games – Geo – Medical – Tools – NetTools, etc etc

4 – Search for “openssh” and install it. It will add the SSHd support for PuTTY console connection and sFTP. So with OpenSSH you will be able to login on your iPhone Darwin console (username root, password alpine) and to FTP to iPhone with a FTP Client like Filezilla. Select Secure FTP protocol and make sure the selected port is 22 and not 21

5 – Search for “winterboard” and install it. It will add the SpringBoard Extension to load extra modules

6 – Search for “Safari Download Plugin” and install it. It will add allow you to save files with Safari and not only open pages

7 – Search for “MobileTerminal” and install it. It will add an icon to run a Terminal window and execute commands by typing them

8 – On Manage, Add Source http://xsellize.com/cydia/user-pass/
then search for “irealsms from xsellize” and install it using the provided serial number. It will add a better SMS Application which might be used as default

9 – On Manage, Add Source http://cydia.hackulo.us
then search for “installous” and install it. It will add a Free Interface to AppStore. Use the AppStore to find and application you want, then search it on Installous and then use of the friendly-links to download it for free and test it, once the application has been downloaded, proceed to install it and try it. Remember to purchase it if you like it, otherwise delete it no longer than 24 hours after download

10 – Search for “veency” and install it. It will add a VNC Server on your iPhone so you will be able to connect to it from computer using VNC Viewer and iPhone’s IP Address.

Well….your new iPhone will do a lot more now… comments welcome!


GeneBlender iPhone App to create caricatures

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GeneBlender is a simple iPhone App which allows you to take a picture or select one from the roll.
On that picture (a face…) you can put other smaller pictures in overlay so that you can create some caricatures of your friends!

Here are some example with the guy of the chinese Store!



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