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Creating Virtual Host pointing to an IP on GoDaddy

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Purpose: have a Virtual Host, vhost, subdomain, vanity host…pointing to a unique IP address, for example if you don’t have hosting service at GoDaddy.

There are a lot of documents explaining this but there have created a lot of confusion up here so I would like to clear things up.

If you want to accomplish what follows, read on.

– GoDaddy as Domain Registrar, so you will use GoDaddy Domain Manager
– Hosting your sites somewhere, where the web server ip is
for example because you own a dedicated server or you have a fixed IP address
at home and you want to host your sites at your place
– Hosting subdomains, virtual hosts, vhosts etc on other IP addresses
for example:

http://www.mydomain.com >
http://dev.mydomain.com >
http://test.mydomain.com >

– Log yourself on GoDaddy Domain Manager and click on the domain you to work on
– Click on Total DNS Control
– Note that you have an A(Host) Record called “@” and pointing to a GoDaddy IP Address, then you have a CNAME Record called “@” and pointing to your virtual host “www”
– Click to edit the A(Host) “@” record and change the existing IP with the one you want for
http://www.mydomain.com, for example
– A dialog will appear to confirm the change has been recorded
– Click ADD NEW A RECORD button and type only “dev” for dev.mydomain.com, the enter the IP Address, for example and confirm
– A dialog will appear to confir the change has been recorded
– Repeat this for each subdomain or virtual host you may want to add and then wait for 24-48 hours for the DNS to propagate

You may want to keep open a terminal window or a DOS Prompt window and

ping dev.mydomain.com

from time to time to see when you DNS has been updated. When it starts to reply, you can open your browser and point it to http://dev.mydomain.com and it will open the WebServer Default page on

Just create the new domain “dev.mydomain.com” on your server and the magic will happen


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