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HOW-TO delete all Delicious.com Bookmarks quickly

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delicious_logoShame on me when I have installed the Delicious.com Firefox Plugin!

It imported around 800 Bookmarks and fortunately it did not set them as Public, they were all Private but I did not want to use Delicious for my private Bookmarks!

So I was looking for a quick way to get tip of them all and then import only the ones I wanted to.

Googling “delete delicious bookmarks” resulted in several pages teaching some “hacking” ways to achieve such thing: exporting them into MySQL, then emptying the database and exporting them..and other odd things.

Maybe Delicious itself has made this thing much easier but I have done this:

– Login on Delicious.com with your account

– Click on the down arrow next to Bookmarks and select My Bookmarks and you will land to some URL just like http://delicious.com/username where “username” is your account name

– Go at the end lower right of the list where it says “Showing 10 Bookmarks per page” and change it to 100 Bookmarks, the page will refresh showing 100 from your bookmarks

– Click on Bulk Edit on the upper right of the page and the blue padlock next to each bookmark will disappear. An empty box will appear to replace the padlock, click on Select All and in one click you will select those 100 bookmarks

– Click Delete, then OK to confirm and then Yes to confirm again the action. You have just deleted 100 bookmarks in 3 clicks

– Repeat the action for all of your bookmarks. As said I had 800 bookmarks there and in a couple of minutes I got rip of them all out of Delicious

– At the end of the process you will see again the You have no bookmarks … yet!

Another mission completed!

Comment out your experience with this method!

The URL showing up when you change the number of bookmarks to show is something like:


I have tried to alter the value of the get parameter “setcount” for example, for 800 bookmarks:


But it did not work, it seems the higher number of shown bookmarks is 100

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