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SEO – Traffic – Monetize – ZizziBaddi.com’s evolution

When I have started this adventure (ZizziBaddi.com) I was not sure what it will become but I was sure what it should not be: several abandoned projects, tests of MySQL-PHP Apps etc since I came across such a thing many many times in the past.

I have decided to put together all the bits of knowledge and started to learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Web Traffic Generation since they were very much unknown subjects for me before.

So I am opening a new section: SEO – Traffice – Monetize with the hope of learning more and sharing what I am learning.

Some days ago I have joined some PayPerPost Programs and I will be posting here my feedback about those.

PayPerPost Programs offer bloggers the option to publish an article and get paid for it which seems to be an interesting option.

I will be blogging about this topic, so…stay tuned!

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