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Load new tab at the end of the tab bar in Firefox

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The recent update of Firefox 3.6.2 changed the place where it loads any new tab you would open.

Previous versions were loading new tabs at the end of the tab bar.

This update loads new tabs next to the tab you are in and this creates massive confusion since people have started to lost new tabs because there were expecting them to be at the right end of the tab bar.

To change this as it was before, do as follows:

– Open a new Tab in Firefox and in the location type “about:config” and hit enter
– If you get a warning message, just confirm that you want to access that page
– Once the “configuration” tab is loaded, in filter copy and paste this “browser.tabs.insertRelatedAfterCurrent”
– It will filter all the settings and will show you only the one we need
– Verify the setting is Value= True, double click and it should change to Value=False

You’re done, now Firefox will open any new tab at the right end of the tab bar

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