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Running 2 Firefox sessions at the same time

You might want to run 2 or more Firefox under Windows at the same time, but with different sessions, not just 2 Firefox windows.

Here is how:

– close any Firefox session and make sure it is not running in the backgroun with Task Manager
– Start > Run > firefox -P
(this should start Firefox ProfileManager)
– create a new profile name and location, decide the default profile or enable the ProfileManager dialog window to appear each time you launch Firefox
– create as many shortcuts as many profile you have created this way:
– Shortcut Name: Firefox Profile1, Firefox Profile2 etc
– Target: “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox click for more info.exe” -P Profile1 -no-remote and
“C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe” -P Profile2 -no-remote

(Replace the location with yours and Profile1 with the one you have created)

Now you will be able to launch 2 different Firefox sessions, either with a different profile.

Each profile can contain a completely customized Firefox, different bookmarks, addons etc



SpeedyCPM Review – Scam Alert

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SCAM Alert

We are not 100% sure that SpeedyCPM is a Scam but we would like to warn you.

– The AD code for the banner 468*60 is an iframe, so you are actually loading some remote scripts on your site with no control over them.

– They use the AD Server foxnetworks.com which seems to be legitimate

– The AD code is opening a pop up on blinkx.com

– At the time we tested it, the iframe loaded about 5 different banners at an interval of half second each which is pretty weird

– Their AD code is actually slowing down the site load

If you have the same or other experience with this speedycpm.com, feel free to comment

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UpMyRank – AutoSurf Client Review

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UpMyRankSo we have decided to test as many programs as possible and one of those has been UpMyRank.

It generates hits, that is true but the autosurf is kind of creepy and dodgy.

First of all the AutoSurf is not done through your favorite browser’s tab, you have to download, install and run a Windows application which uses Internet Explorer’s engine to browse in some invible IE windows so you actually have no idea what it is doing exactly, unless you monitor the “netstat” output.

Plus the whole connection starts to decrease its performance since the client is opening a lot of threads and trying to saturate the bandwidth.

Our suggestion is therefore to NOT to use it unless you want to work out what it really does and limit its Internet use.

We are trying at the moment other programs and we will be posting about them.

If you want to affiliate to our running programs, please do it here!

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